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Thanks to our MES/MOMS software, you can:

  • manage maintenance orders as a result of machine breakdowns
  • optimize proactive and predictive maintenance planning

Our Maintenance module allows you to:

  • link maintenance data with production data and integrate maintenance planning with production planning
  • allocate maintenance costs to specific equipment and departments
  • manage specific maintenance KPIs: MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to repair)
Maintenance technician repairs machine

Which equipment needs maintenance and when?

Our OEE tool can answer some crucial questions:

  • What is the real situation?

Often maintenance and production have a very different idea about the number of breakdowns and their impact. A good OEE tool will clearly demonstrate the real availability of the equipment.

  • What are the real causes of the downtimes?

A DTM (downtime management) allows to generate a Pareto analysis of the downtimes, clearly illustrating the most important downtime causes. Frequent short downtimes can have a bigger impact than a few long downtimes.

  • What about preventive maintenance?

Often operators "feel" when something is wrong with their equipment, without clearly being able to identify what. By combining condition monitoring of an equipment (vibration measurement, power consumption, temperature, etc.) with downtime data, trends can be detected. This makes it possible to predict and avoid problems.