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What is CSD?

CSD= Creonis Solution Desk.
Our software consists of different modules that work together as one solution. Brings all data of different departments into a trace-diagram, reports, dashboards to have a clear overview of your quality and quantity of your products at any stage in your process!
All your Production & Logistics, Maintenance and Quality processes are digitised in one single system.
User-friendly & very intuitive
CSD is a digital, very intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use software tool that helps manufacturies save money and increase product safety.
Highly flexible and customisable
CSD is a modular tool, highly flexible and customisable to any kind of process.
Fits the needs and expectations
Creonis stands by your side to configure, deploy and maintain CSD in such a way that it perfectly fits the needs and expectations of your manufacturing plants.
Real-time monitoring dashboards
With CSD you monitor and analyse your value-adding processes in real time and actively prevent cost of non-quality and waste.


  • Scheduling
  • Downtime registration
  • i-Track
  • Traceability
  • Losses screen
  • Operator dashboard
  • Inventory & consumption
  • Resource overview
  • KPI dashboard report


  • Overview samples (automatically/ manually assigned) + sampling plan
  • Worklists
  • Checklists
  • Lab equipment
  • Label printer connection
  • Overview non-conformities
  • KPI dashboard report


  • Overview crashes
  • Overview workorders
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Workorder tasks & time recording
  • KPI dashboard report
  • Overview calibrations