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What CSD does for you

Cost reduction

  • Defect prevention ("Rule of ten")
  • Waste monitoring
  • Line breakdown prevention
  • Line efficiency monitoring
  • KPI dashboards

Time savings

  • Maximum automation of data collection
  • Reports available in a few clicks
  • Easily customizable reports
  • Data visualization (dashboards)
  • User-friendliness & intuitive functionalities

Optimal product safety

  • HACCP compliance
  • Complete traceability within a few seconds
  • Blocking/releasing process
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Out-of-spec alerts & warnings
  • "Costs of raw material and production are skyrocketing. By optimizing efficiency, we help you minimize the waste of man hours, machine time, material and energy."
    Brent Herckens, Sr. Developer & Team Lead
  • "As workload increases and manpower is difficult to find, we help you limit the waste of precious working time by automating data collection and reporting in a user-friendly tool."
    Israel Benain Peral, Sr. DB Architect
  • "We know product safety is at the centre of everything manufacturing plants do. That's why we offer solutions for real-time process monitoring and automated alerts and blocking in case of non-conformity."
    Anja Cornet, Quality & Integration consultant