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Who we are and what we do

Creonis is a Belgian IT company primarily specialised in digitisation of production processes in Manufacturing industry.
Creonis originated as a spin-out of an International brewing group and has gained extensive experience in this sector.
With our enthusiastic team we develop and deploy the solution that perfectly fits the needs of your company.
We carefully listen to our customers: we go on site and ask a lot of questions to better understand their challenges and requirements. Exceeding our customers' expectations is what we, as a team, aim to achieve every day.
With our CSD solution successfully deployed in more than 50 manufacturing sites over the last 25 years. Creonis shows a recognized, deep and wide expertise in the digitisation of operational processes.
We never take success for granted and always ask our team members and our customers how things can be improved and optimized to make our solution even more user-friendly and competitive.

Where you can find CSD