Your needs: insight, insight and more insight

Efficiency is crucial in how you run your business and in every production-related decision. Therefore you need insight into every step in the production process, from idea to finished product, at any time. What can be done better, faster, safer, more efficient?

Our solution: targeted knowledge

We give you the insight to ensure a healthy future for your company. We map and monitor every step in your production process, in detail, in real time. This gives you the right information to take the right decision or action 24/7.

Our solution has a name: CSD. An application that has given competitive advantage to large companies is now also available for small and medium-sized companies.

How does an MES pay back its investment?

Availability of accurate production data

The most recent production data is available any place any time. This enables optimum production control because it is possible to respond quickly and correctly in case of deviations.

Correct inventory management

Correct information about available stocks avoids:

  • incorrect planning if product or packaging turns out not to be available
  • wrong deliveries
  • loss of time due to repeated stock checks
  • expired products in stock or sent to customers
  • customer dissatisfaction


Especially in the event of a recall, it is important to provide targeted communication to customers. The more accurately the problem batch can be traced, the smaller the recall will be. In addition, a defective recall can lead to serious reputation damage.

Technician at an MES/MOM software data screen


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Originated as a spin-out of an international brewery group in 2006, Creonis today serves clients in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the hospital sector. Our mission is to combine both software and business knowledge to give them clear insight into their operational process indicators. In mutual trust.