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Are these questions familiar to you? MES/MOM is the answer!

An MES/MOM system gives you insight in your operational process indicators. Every step in your production process is mapped and monitored in detail, in real time. What can be done better, faster, more efficiently, more safely? You have the right information to take the right decision or action 24/7.

How does an MES/MOM system return its investment?

  • Real-time info: We ensure that you can take the right decisions and actions quickly, e.g. in the event of deviations, by making data available quickly and accurately and displaying it visually in a clear manner.

  • Increase in efficiency (OEE): By giving you better insight into your production data, it becomes clear which actions are needed to increase your capacity using the same resources and generate maximum output on each production line.

  • Full traceability: To limit the impact of a possible recall and comply with legal requirements, our solution gives you conclusive traceability from raw materials to end products.

  • Reduction of losses: By fully mapping the material flow, you get a perfect view of the losses (spill, losses, rejects) in every step of the production. With this information you can do what is necessary to limit these losses and save costs.

  • Less downtime: Thanks to a fast data exchange with the maintenance department, it is automatically notified and machine downtime is limited.

  • Cross-plant overview of production data: Our MES/MOM makes it possible to visualize, consolidate and report data across the various sites.

  • Simplification of the system landscape: If desired, our software can request data from various systems and link them together. It is the missing link between planning (ERP) and reality. Read more here.

  • Simplification of the administration: Thanks to our software, work instructions and procedures such as reaction plans and checklists are standardized and available digitally. This makes it possible to work paperless more often and to have a faster data input, either automatically or manually in a user-friendly way.

  • Culture change: As everyone will see that efficiency is effectively paid attention to, your employees will do the same and realize an additional increase in productivity.
Technician at an MES/MOM software data screen