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Quality control

To limit the effect of recalls and to reduce the cost of non-quality, thorough quality control and quality assurance is required. The Quality module of our MES / MOM software offers numerous functionalities that play a key role in this.

Hand points to a list of product and process parameters

Product & process parameters

Define which parameters you want to monitor, both for products and their processes.

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Specifications management

Define the correct specifications that both products and processes should meet. Then monitor that changes in specifications are made by authorized persons via an approval flow.

Work instructions

Determine in advance how samples should be taken and how analyses should be performed.

Two people discuss work instructions at a whiteboard

Sampling plan

Automatically create samples according to a predefined plan. Manual sampling is of course still possible. In both cases you can schedule both one-off and periodic samples.

A woman takes a sample of grains
Sample of spices

Samples follow-up

Ensure that all analyses are carried out timely on the basis of work lists (e.g. for laboratory technicians) and that results, for example in the event of deviations, are reported in a quality notification.

A pen ticking a checklist


Check at regular intervals whether the process is operating correctly. Here, too, deviations are reported in a quality notification.

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Quality notifications

Follow up on reports of problems and associated actions, which may be pre-recorded in a response plan. Typical examples of problems are samples with deviations, safety risks, complaints, ...