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Energy monitoring

Save on energy consumption

Where is the most energy consumed? Monitor the energy consumption of specific equipment or departments and you can see it at a glance. Quickly and efficiently. And therefore cost-saving.

CSD allows you to:

  • link energy consumption with production data
  • monitor the consumption of electricity, gas, hot water, steam, compressed air
  • track energy leaks and losses
  • benchmark the consumption of various production sites

Energy management

For a good energy management system, not only measuring energy consumption is important, but also energy production. Increasingly more installations for generating or recovering energy are set up, making it more important to map energy flows between departments.

However, these figures alone are not enough. The energy balance is also influenced by external factors such as the weather (sunshine, outside temperature) and by the changing behavior of any third-party buyers of energy. Finally, measured energy consumption has no purpose if it is not related to the totality of the goods produced. Energy, then, is one parameter on the integrated production dashboard.

A good energy management system therefore needs to be integrated with production data in order to establish relevant KPIs and responsibilities for energy management. Only then responsible decisions on energy balance can be made within the framework of environmentally conscious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



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Originated as a spin-out of an international brewery group in 2006, Creonis today serves clients in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the hospital sector. Our mission is to combine both software and business knowledge to give them clear insight into their operational process indicators. In mutual trust.