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Food & beverages

Efficiency, traceability and quality. All data in one system.

In a multinational brewery group, Creonis’ MES monitors all processes and all products. It tracks the complete production process: productivity and quality as well as material flow, from the raw materials in the silos to the finished pallets on the packaging lines. There is a strong integration with ERP and SCADA, with which information is passed on in both directions, as well as with LIMS and WMS. All batches are monitored in detail, so that full traceability is available, with immediate access to all quality parameters.

In addition, we consolidate all data from all national and international sites in real time, so production management has 24/7 insight into, among other things, the performance of each packaging line. A complex matter that can be visualized in a clearly structured way.

A manufacturer of beverage containers is using Creonis' MES as well to track the inventory of the materials and goods in the warehouse and to record batch-related production data.

Creonis’ MES is also used in several smaller breweries. Always configured to the client's size. And affordable, thanks to our step-by-step subscription formula.