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Our software consists of different modules that work together as one solution.

Producing more efficiently

You focus on what you do best: your production processes, your business, your growth. You are permanently assured of the best insights. At any time, you can take appropriate action quickly and in full knowledge. Creonis' MES is quickly up & running in your company. You get an affordable solution thanks to our transparent subscription. You fight with the same weapons as your major international competitors working with similar systems.

Cultural change

Not to be neglected but difficult to measure is the cultural change among employees. As everyone will see that efficiency is effectively paid attention to, they will also actively take it into account and therefore additionally increase productivity.

It’s in our DNA to help you fundamentally improve your production monitoring and management. And that’s more, much more, than just developing a software package.

Brent Herckens, Technical consultant

Photo of Brent Herckens, Technical Consultant


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Originated as a spin-out of an international brewery group in 2006, Creonis today serves clients in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the hospital sector. Our mission is to combine both software and business knowledge to give them clear insight into their operational process indicators. In mutual trust.